Behind The Music: Paralyzed

On a long, restless night in December of 2014, I wrote Paralyzed. It was one of the many nights I battled insomnia, doubt, and if we’re being honest, depression. I was really trying to find myself, and there was this war inside my head. Some of the things I was doing at the time, really had me feeling out of myself. I couldn't even recognize myself looking in a mirror. I would lay in bed feeling like I couldn't move. On this night I picked up my guitar and started strumming a D minor chord. Then I started singing a soft, high melody, really trying to let out everything I was feeling at the time.

A lot of times we just ignore this darkness in ourselves, hoping that it will just go away, and that’s really dangerous. It will eat away at you like an invisible disease. It builds up to a point where we lose control; it’s like we are trapped inside our own bodies. I hope you can feel that tension in this song and it moves you to really question yourself. The worst kind of pain is losing yourself.

Stay Strong!